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The Killing Moon

The Killing Moon 2012

imdb 8.7 196

Chase bravely bares Chuck's absurd, imitative adoration for 'cool', actually neglectful Chris Keller and stands by the ingrate knave when his father Wade Scolnic finally visits, but discards Chase as if a random babysitter. Nathan is missing since his flight home from Europe days ago. After cocky Keller helps activating Tree Hill PD officer Stevens, Haley finds Dan's cash stash and suspects a horrible crime. Julian can't forgive himself even now his loved-ones do, blames himself for bullying by strangers and picks a bar-brawl to get a 'bloody good' beating. Pushed by Dan and Quinn, Clay checks in for residential therapy with Dr. Alvarez, keeps dismissing 'mere talk' as therapy, but decides against signing out after meeting shy Logan, a neglected orphan boy who hangs around the rehab clinic.

Runtime: 42
Genres: Romance, Sport, Drama
Starts: Bethany Joy Lenz, Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols, Robert Buckley
Director: Gregory Prange

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