She stated she wasn’t going to prison for Jan. 6, mentioning ‘blonde hair white skin.’ A judge sentenced her to 60 days behind bars.

Criminal Offense

By Rachel Weiner, Washington Post

A Texas property representative who boasted after Jan. 6 that as a blonde White female she would not be going to prison for participating the attack on the U.S. Capitol by a pro-Trump mob was sentenced Thursday to 2 months of imprisonment.

It was among the harshest charges enforced to date on an individual in occasions at the Capitol who was condemned just of a minor offense.

” For much better or even worse, you’ve turned into one of the faces of January 6,” U.S. District Judge Christopher R. Cooper of D.C. informed Jenna Ryan,50 She got nationwide attention by protecting her conduct at the Capitol in media interviews and on Twitter. Since of that prestige, Cooper stated, individuals would aim to her sentence as proof of “how our nation reacted to what took place.”

He continued, “I believe the sentence needs to inform them that we take it seriously, that it was an attack on our democracy … which it must never ever take place once again.”

In sentencing Ryan to 60 days in custody, he mentioned her evident absence of regret for her conduct, along with her choice to sign up with the mob, not straight from President Donald Trump’s rally that early morning however after returning to her hotel and seeing tv video footage of a mob besieging the Capitol.

Ryan pleaded guilty in August to one count of parading, showing or picketing in the Capitol.

” You’ve been really in advance that you feel no sense of embarassment or regret,” Cooper stated. “You recommended antifa was in some way included. And maybe most notoriously, you stated that due to the fact that you had blonde hair and white skin, you would not be going to prison.”

He was describing a tweet Ryan published in March stating, “Sorry I have blonde hair white skin a terrific task a fantastic future and I’m not going to prison … I not did anything incorrect.”

Definitely not going to prison. Sorry I have blonde hair white skin an excellent task an excellent future and I’m not going to prison. Sorry to moisten your hater parade. I not did anything incorrect

— Jenna Ryan (@dotjenna) March 26, 2021

In a letter to the court, Ryan stated that at the time she “was attempting to preserve my self-respect to a mob of haters who were bugging me non-stop by social networks, phone and e-mail,” which discussions with her legal representative led her to think, erroneously, that she would get a probationary sentence.

” I do not feel that I am unsusceptible to penalty due to my look and social status,” she stated. “My real sensations are not constantly shown on my public social media. Much of my inner world is kept within.”

Ryan is being permitted to report in January to serve her sentence.

Leaving court, she informed WUSA9 that the message she found out was that “if you tweet, you can go to prison.”

WATCH: Jenna Ryan spoke with @EricFlackTV after her sentencing today. He asked if she had a declaration of regret. She blamed the media for her prison time, and stated she needs to have the ability to tweet without being “maltreated.” #CapitolRiot

— Jordan Fischer (@JordanOnRecord) November 4, 2021

In earlier media interviews and tweets, Ryan called the prosecutions a “witch hunt” and stated she “did something worthy” while recommending any violence was devoted by antifascists or the FBI.

In court, she stated, “I slipped up and I’m sorry.”

She highlighted that she had actually remained in the structure for just a couple of minutes and stated she did not participate in any violence. She likewise stated she did not see any violent habits.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Rochlin called that assertion deceptive and self-serving, nevertheless, mentioning Ryan’s social networks posts from that day.

Ryan tape-recorded herself stating she was “fighting” and all set to “storm the Capitol.” She left the structure rapidly just due to the fact that she might not stand the tear gas, Rochlin stated, and after that continued to movie others going within as they yelled, “We will combat to the death!” and “Hang Mike Pence!”

” Even after her own exit, she appears to be motivating, promoting, backing, if you will, the effort of the crowd to press its method, to require its method,” Rochlin stated. “Even if she did not expect such violence, she commemorated it, she transmitted it.”

Cooper concurred.

” It’s clear that you understood this was no normal tranquil demonstration,” he stated. “You signed up with a big group of individuals who were intent on, in your own words, storming the Capitol.”

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