Dame Dash all set to make ‘Paid completely 2’ after the murder of Alpo Martinez

November 4, 2021 | 2: 31 pm

Damon Dash has actually been composing a follow up to “Paid In Full,” his 2002 film based upon Harlem drug kingpin Alpo Martinez– however he had actually been having a hard time for an ending up until the real-life Martinez was shot dead in Harlem on Sunday.

Now Rock-A-Fella records co-founder Dash informs Page Six that he’s all set to begin making the motion picture.

Martinez, who betrayed his partners after his 1991 arrest and went into witness defense, was shot 5 times in a drive-by.

“‘ Paid completely’ is a reflection of whatever I’ve found out and I am truly visiting it through now that there’s an ending,” the 50- year-old Dash, who produced the initial, informed us.

” So this is going to considerably alter based upon what occurred Sunday. I was stuck on how to actually approach it and this is really offering me more clearness.”

Albert “Alpo” Martinez, previous Harlem Drug Kingpin turned snitch was killed Oct. 31, 2021.

“‘ Paid completely’ was a traditional. To even touch it once again, I got to come much better,” he stated. “So the story got to be directly. Everyone’s believing it’s got to be tight, and based upon the reality that I have innovative control, I can do things properly. S– t’s going to be extraordinary.”

He stated the motion picture will be partially based upon ” Crack Era,” the narrative of Harlem kingpin Kevin Chiles.

” A great deal of it speaks about the environment and what a great deal of individuals were going through. I similar to the method he broke down the mechanics and logistics of hustling,” he informed Page Six.

” Paid In Full’ (2002).

Martinez was sentenced to thirty-five years in jail for murder, numerous drug charges and conspiracy to devote murder, however was launched early after accepting affirm versus other Harlem drug dealerships. He was likewise in witness security for affirming versus his drug dealership partners.

Dash informed us he initially found out about his death when Indianapolis Congressman Andre Carson called him.

” I indicate a lot of individuals strike me up with the news however Andre Carson was the very first to strike me up,” he stated, “so that is when I understood that the culture and the movie … had actually made a significant effect.”

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