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How to Become an Agent of Change in Your Organization


To change or not to change? It is a question that every IT leader faces in the wake of lagging technology growth.

While IT leaders aren’t blind to the problem, change remains elusive. Instead of risking stability and performance by switching to an unknown alternative, many leaders stick with their known incumbent.

But that’s not the case anymore. We see a new generation of IT leaders challenging the status quo and transforming the technology behind world-leading companies.

But, how do you make the change happen? What goes into driving the change? And more importantly, how do you sustain it in the long run?

We met up with nine changemakers to understand the process that drives IT transformation and improves the perception of IT in an organization. Leaning on the nuggets of insights shared by the Changemakers, we’ve put together a 5-step process to help you become an agent of change in your organization.

1. Have a game plan.

What do you want to achieve by changing the course of IT in your organization, and how do you do it?

Draft a game plan.

Your game plan is the blueprint to help you drive the change and face the perception of IT in your organization. Include a list of changes you want to implement to reposition IT as a strategic force in your organization.

2. Start with human experience.

Countless transformations start with a tool or service and work backward to the experience of using it. This is completely backward, says Derek Rose, Group Head of IT and Deputy CIO at V.Group. He’s also one of our change-makers in the series.

By skipping straight to technology, leaders will often end up selecting the wrong tool and attempting to force it into a particular function. The alternative is to start, not with technology, but with employee and customer experience.

3. Check your foundations.

Technological transformation is like an amplification effect. It takes what’s already in place and makes it stronger or more impactful. However, if the foundations are shaky, the tech will be unstable, too.

One Changemaker, Ian Leslie – Lead, IT Governance & Portfolio Management, Dangote, collaborated with his team and rewrote Dangote’s entire process manual. He designed new incident management processes, service request workflows, change management policies, and problem management plans to strengthen the foundation and drive a sustainable IT transformation.

4. Engage your team in planning.

Leaders get away with one or two autocratic projects in their careers. But when they force decision after decision on their team, their employees will inevitably start to feel ignored and downtrodden. When that happens, engagement can drop, and buy-in can fade.

When running a software procurement project, most IT departments will use something called a scoring matrix. It’s a tool used to compare options on the same variables. A boilerplate matrix might have product stability, customer references, price, and features. The selection group scores each option, sums up each vendor’s score, and declares a winner.

Your employees should play a role in the selection. After all, the engineers and end-users are going to be the ones using the product day-to-day.

5. Experiment with small scale test.

Start small and stay small.

Modest scale tests allow IT leaders to trial new technology and processes within a manageable environment. Once you’ve ironed out the creases, you can roll out the change more widely.

Meet the Change Makers

The insights here are just the tip of the iceberg. For a more in-depth knowledge of how to become a changemaker in your organization, you need to hear it from the real-life changemakers themselves. Get the eBook here.

You can also tune in and listen to The Change Makers – a podcast, profiling IT leaders, as they transform the ITSM landscape behind world-class organizations. We dive deep into profiles, events, and innovations, learning what it takes to drive large-scale IT transformations for successful businesses.

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