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Tune your technology to enhance processes and improve staff quality of life, while increasing productivity and cutting costs


In the last decade or so AI has gone from buzz word to table stakes. Data reveals that organizations that have adopted AI into their service management strategy have begun to reap the benefits. It is therefore imperative for businesses to invest in Intelligent Service Management to not just empower their agents but also keep up with rising employee expectations.

We collaborated with Frost & Sullivan to identify the latest developments in ITSM and ITOM, drawing on the insights from recent research to understand what is currently possible and where transformation is headed. To be effective at enhancing business performance, IT must transform into an agile, employee-centric innovator with intelligent self-service experiences. This recently released Intelligent Service Management Whitepaper from Frost & Sullivan reveals how to:

  • Integrate service and operations management with intelligent automation
  • Enhance scalability and efficiency with chatbots, virtual agents, and IT orchestration
  • Demonstrate business value and fast ROI via a modern, intelligent ITSM Platform

In this contribution, we also assess the current state of these intelligent technologies and describe the main developments that will most likely shape the field in the future:

  • A modern ITSM system that is intuitive and easy to use. A product that can bring ROI within a few months without taking a long time to implement, learn, and adopt.
  • Elevating AI and self-service with omnichannel support.
  • Self-service and orchestration tools to free up service desk agents to deal with more complex issues
  • Unified operations, through combining ITSM and ITOM, to reduce the impact of outages, ensure business continuity, and streamline services
  • Increased usage of team collaboration tools that integrate seamlessly with the existing IT infrastructure
  • Enterprise Service Management (ESM) to streamline a number of tasks for teams, enhance business value, and increase ROI

Current macroeconomic developments have accelerated digital transformation in companies, including the deployment of intelligent digital services and support experiences. Ultimately, the future of ITSM will be a combination of technology and the human touch. According to a survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 77% of organizations say good employees will look for a new employer if their current job does not provide the tools, technology, or information they need to do their job well, while 82% say employees’ happiness on the job is significantly impacted by how well their workplace technology performs. Companies should therefore be prepared to infuse intelligence into their service management systems to keep up with a fast-changing business environment. Technology should enhance processes and improve the working lives of staff while increasing productivity and cutting costs.

Download the Frost &Sullivan Whitepaper and pick up 4 principles to modernize your ITSM and ITOM practices

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